Our research is dedicated to the ecology of viruses in their host- and dead end host contexts. We look for novel viruses in humans and animals and try to obtain estimates on their clinical relevance. We are interested in mechanisms of virus maintenance in reservoir hosts and in functional correlates of species barriers. We currently conduct field work in Ghana, Panama, and several places in Europe. The search for new viruses requires a strong repertoire in molecular diagnostics, which is why we invest considerably in assay technologies. Here we have a strong interaction with our diagnostics section. In molecular biology we focus on coronavirus models. Our ongoing projects try to address mechanisms that determine the capability of viruses to switch hosts, and the prediction of the pathogenic potential of reservoir-borne coronaviruses.



Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten


Dr. Sebastian Hauka
Dr. Doreen Muth
Dr. Victor Corman

External and affiliated scientists
Dipl. Biol. Florian Gloza-Rausch
(Noctalis, Bad Segeberg)
Dr. Alexander Lukashev
(visiting Professor, Chumakov Institute Moscow)

PhD students
M. Sc. Andrea Rasche
Dipl. Biol. Adriana Fumie Tateno
Dipl. Molmed. Benjamin Meyer
Dipl. Biol. Daniela Niemeyer
Dipl. Biol. Daniel Ritz
M. Sc. Tasnim Suliman
M. Sc. Rodrigo Melim Zerbinati
M. Sc. Jan Papies
M. Sc. Lina Zimmerhansl


MD students
Robert Wollny
Sarah Nörtemann
Ulrich Everling
Fabian Ebach
Annika Seelen
Thierno Diawo Dallo
Georg Schumacher

Tobias Bleicker
Monika Eschbach-Bludau
Sebastian Brünink
Artem Siemens
Ute Winke

Dr. Susanne Pfefferle (Postdoc)
Dr. Petra Herzog (PhD Student)
Dr. Susanne Biesold (PhD Student)
Dr. Tabea Binger (PhD Student)
Dr. Brit Häcker  (MD Student)