The research of our group is focused on viruses that are transmitted to humans by an insect vector (arthropod-borne viruses). We mainly work on Flaviviruses (yellow fever virus, dengue virus) and Alphaviruses (Chikungunya virus). Our major tools are reverse genetic systems, which enable us to produce recombinant viruses in vitro. Using molecular biology, cell biology, virological techniques, genetic tools, biochemical techniques and animal experiments, we elucidate the mechanism of viral replication and specific functions of viral proteins in the viral life cycle. One focus is the function of viral proteins in particle assembly. In addition, we are interested in virus-host interaction with the emphasis to analyze the role of specific nonstructural proteins in viral pathogenesis. Furthermore, we deal with cellular proteins that have been found to inhibit flaviviral or alphaviral replication and try to understand their mechanisms of action.


Group Leader                              (Staff scientist & Head of BSL3 Lab)
Dr. Beate Kümmerer

PhD student
Dipl. Biol. Sabine Gläsker

Marvin Korries
Larissa Mühlenbeck

Janett Wieseler